Yeah, it’s Monday. What of it?

Heckuva weekend.

Last minute decision to go to a wake at the long end of Long Island led to a very exhausting (physically and emotional) Saturday. Long Island is a tedious sort of place–except for certain isolated pockets where one might think they’re in New England again–but driving-wise, Connecticut is even more (tedious).

I like New London, though. Anyway. By Sunday we were just not doing anything. My weekend was pretty much a bust as far as getting any work done, but I found it easier once I accepted that and just relaxed. Sunday’s highlight was dropping by Ward’s Pub for a night of picking the banjo and beating the goat. A good night. I got compliments on my playing which is kinda cool, though I know I’ve got a long way to go. One thing I need to find time for this week is picking up a new tune or two.

Actually, I’ve got quite a bit planned this week between layout projects, music, and writing.

So time to get to it!

Today’s entry isn’t very inspiring, I know. I’m still shaking off some sleep, and really do need to get down to work. I will mention, however, that I’m getting quite the kick out of Twitter these days. Did you know Wil Wheaton has to cough five times before he can pick up a phone? I doubt it’s true, but wouldn’t that be somethin’?


Speaking of which, today’s link goes to everyone’s favorite geek-made-good, yes… WWdN: In Exile aka Wil Wheaton’s blog. For those who are not in touch with the geek world, the guy who played Wesley Crusher on ST:TNG is a highly respected member of the geek community and quite a decent writer. Follow his adventures, read his musings.


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