Setting ‘Em Up and Knock-Knock-Knockin’ ‘Em Down

Welcome back to Monday–post-hiatus.

Time well spent, by the way. I got a decent amount of work done over this past week–and looking forward to getting more done. But it was nice to get some projects off the table–even if they’ve just gone out for proof. The Sondra Lee autobiography went off to the printer. Dracula’s Daughter (edited by Phil Riley) is off to the printer. The Dead End Kids/Bowery Boys book is off to the author for proof, as is still the Janet Gaynor/Charles Farrell book. Also out now is the second proof of The Musical Comedy Films of Grigorii Aleksandrov: Laughing Matters by Rimgaila Salys for Intellect Books. Nearly ready for the press–just awaiting one page of data–is the August-September issue of the SFWA Bulletin.

This week I’ll be focusing on some the next proof of the medical journal, some book covers, the movie book, a Hollywood gossip book, and a collection of letters by Louise Brooks.

All good stuff.

But that’s not to say it was all work and no play this past week. Friday we went to the Washington County Fair–something we try to do every year. Usually we only go for a few hours–plenty of time to check out the animals, various vendors, food, music, midway, and 4-H exhibits. This year we stayed closer to ten hours as we were joined by a bunch of friends–most of whom had never been to the fair before.Much fun was had and I’ve taken up the Teehan tradition (started by my father) of finishing off a Fair visit with a heaping bowl of strawberry shortcake. I didn’t see the Irish salt potatoes this year. Just means I’m going to have to make them myself, I guess.

And last night I played out again at Ward’s Pub. A fun night for tunes and friends. I’ve been trying to mix up my style of play a little bit–experimenting with dotted notes and trying to get some more “swing” into my rhythm. One thing I noticed as I was playing last night that as I found myself thinking about how I was going to play a certain set of notes later in the tune–I’d lose my place where I was currently (in the tune). Fortunately I recover quickly, but it’s not often I’m so conscious of a process like that.

And we’ve been dog hunting. No, you don’t get more explanation than that other than… “Tom Cruise’s performance during the closing credits of Tropic Thunder is an amazing piece of work. I’m just saying.”



Today’s link goes to 2009 Hugo award winner for Best Fanzine: Electric Velocipede. (Actually, I’m not sure how this qualifies as a fanzine–as it seems more like a semi-prozine. I’m sure the topic has already been debated hotly and I’m coming into the discussion very late in the game… but life is a banquet and I’m sometimes still down by the appetizers.) Anyway, check out the free fiction you see here, and if you like–consider subscribing.


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