Rumor Tuesday: Olympic Edition

This week’s Rumor Tuesday features little-known facts about the Olympics. Who says I can’t keep up with current events?

Rumor has it… At the first modern Olympics games in 1896 held in Athens, the IOC had waited until only the day before the opening ceremonies to announce that the competitions would not be held in the nude as they had been in the ancient Olympics.

Rumor has it… The International Olympics Committee has never had a medal-winner among its members.

Rumor has it… The torch relay at the 2010 Winter Olympics is set to be the longest relay in Olympic history.

Rumor has it… The words in the Olympic motto “Citius, Altius, Fortius” (Latin meaning “Faster, Higher, Stronger”) have been used as model names for cars, computers, and skateboards.

Rumor has it… 2010 will be the last year for the classic three-tiered rostrum for medal award presentations. All future Olympics will use a single-levelled platform so as not to raise any one competitor above another during the ceremony.

Rumor has it… The mascots for the 2010 Winter Olympics are Miga (a mythical sea bear) and Quatchi (Sasquatch).

Rumor has it… In the entire history of the Olympics, there have been three non-concurrent events known as curling. One is the now-familiar sport using heavy stones on ice. The others were Summer Olympic events: one being a form of lawn tennis using a soft cloth ball stuffed with feathers (1896-1912) and the other being a demonstration event similar to lacrosse combined with bocci (1930-1934).

Rumor has it… Olympic host cities must pass strenuous tests from the IOC regarding air and water quality, siesmic stability, and average intelligence.


Today’s link is a fun one for science fiction fans. Welcome to the blog of Fred Pohl entitled The Way The future Was. This was the title of his very excellent memoir, and now it’s a blog. This is some pretty interesting reading from one of the original Futurians.

Check it out.

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