Battling the Hateball during the Xmas season

Ask me how my weekend was. I dare you.

Well, I’ll tell you.

It’s been dominated…dominated I tell you…by a gigantic ball of phlegm lodged in the middle of my head. I’m not talking golf ball or basketball. I’m talking planet-sized, with the mass of a star, spewing hate-feuled arcs of lightning across its tortured surface. A ball of phlegm so invested with evil that when certain musical tones are uttered in the correct sequence it cracks open and gives birth to a three-eyed crow who heralds the end of the world. You think over the counter medication is going to help? No. My only chance is if Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich finding four ancient stone tablets and shoving them up my nostrils.

Yeah, yeah… multi-pass!


Then maybe I can breathe and taste again. That’s been the hardest, I think. I can’t taste anything properly. I have this great pesto spread with sun-dried tomatoes and some nice crackers baked with gorganzola… and I’ve not touched them this weekend because…what’s the point. And I have this nice horseradish cheddar just sitting there, mocking me. I’m replacing my intended lunch of chicken tortellini and tomato with hotdogs.

Hotdogs dammit.

And I’ve not had the wherewithal to sit through any movies. This weekend has been pretty much old episodes of Harvey Birdman, Yes, Prime Minister, The Young Ones, and The New Red Green Show.

But I haven’t used this “headcold” as an excuse to be a total lug. We went out Saturday to visit with Pretty Maggie’s mother and had a very nice time browsing and shopping at Old Mystic Village. Yesterday we got our Xmas tree. After one flase start, we got it erected. I started putting up the lights this morning only to discover I didn’t have enough. I went to the store (24-hour, thankfully) and got more. And today I’ll finish decorating it so we can try taking a holiday picture in front of it tonight.


Work-wise it was pretty null, although there may be exciting news on the horizon. Something publishing-related. More as this develops.


Short entry. I have Xmas stuff to do. To make up for all that talk about phlegm above, here’s a very cute picture.

I lifted this off of Jeff Vandermeer’s page Ecstatic Days: Finch: What a Novel and Novelist Look Likeā€¦. He’s got some good stuff on his pages, so it’s well worth browsing through. This particular page has some insight to his organizational process to novel writing.


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