What’s writing these days…

We keep pretty busy here at casa de Teehan.

jackrabbitcircleWhat with the new baby, things get busier, but we also find time to work on our own projects. For myself, it’s a lot of writing. I like keeping it regular, and I like having deadlines. Right now, I’m keeping a thrice-weekly updated dadblog over at DearJackrabbit.com. You should go check it out and maybe even consider supporting it. I think it’s working quite well. It has some decent readership, but could always use more, so feel free to spread the word of its existence. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I write about parenting… sometimes with tongue in cheek, but not always. On Sundays I write the “Dear Jackrabbit” letter which is a letter written directly for my son about all sorts of topics.

I’m also writing a bi-weekly column for Forces of Geek. I review a lot of YouTube material there, but also often write about gaming and other nerdy topics. Some of the better recent ones include:

And I’m writing some short fiction. New stuff. Poetry, too–all of which is being sent out to various markets to see what all gets a nibble. While I’ve not been able to keep up with a story per week as I had once wanted to do, I’m at least churning something out every couple of weeks.

That’s not bad considering the schedule of the day.

dragonpackSo writing. It’s where it’s at. Oh, and an older story of mine, “Dragonscaling!” has recently been reprinted in The Dragon Super Pack an anthology from¬†Fantastic Stories. It is now available for order as both a large trade paperback and in various e-formats.

shitgibbonOh, and I’ve been trying to do a bit of fan writing again–most recently with a rant about No Smoking signs for John Purcell’s one-shot Shitgibbon available as a free PDF download.

So… keeping busy!

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