Treating myself

img_20161107_1011481_rewindWith money as tight as it is around here right now, it’s hard to get me to treat myself sometimes. But I’m not made of stone, and gift cards can be wonderful things. My current highlight is an “ugly sweater” Peanuts coffee mug in reluctant acknowledgement of the holiday season that is about to move me from broke to “huh… remember when I was just broke? Good times.”

Joining it is a copy of Nick Mamatas’ latest novel I Am Providence which is a murder mystery set at a Lovecraft convention in Providence. Shades of Sharyn McCrumb going on here. I’m not much of a Lovecraft fan, but you can’t have lived in Providence for a quarter of a century and know fandom in generalĀ and not be at least curious to see how it’s all portrayed. I’ll likely write a review no one is asking for because… well, because.


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