End of an Era, The Start of a New One

I’ve been a member of sff.net since 2001. At the time, it was the place to go if you were a professional or aspiring professional in the field of science fiction or fantasy. They offered special rates for SFWA members, hosted SFWA forums, and generally tailored themselves to the SF&F community. Their websites were stable, and they offered a lot of support in setting up author pages. This was the time of the “auld web” before Facebook, blogs, and other web 2.0 things. It was before everyone had their own domain so you could have an e-mail address ending in “sff.net” and not some amatuerish hotmail one.

For myself, I had a website that featured links to someof my writing, pages dedicated to personal interests, articles I had written, and photos from conventions I had attended up to 2004.

Good times.

I spent a bit of time on the forums. Then I stopped because I hate forums. Eventually I managed my own domain name and got it set up at sff.net. I started a WordPress blog which has been rebooted a couple of times. I maintain it somewhat regularly although I have been distracted lately writing more for DearJackrabbit.com, ForcesofGeek.com, and start up pieces for a new gaming site.

My e-mail address there, jdteehan@sff.net, is my second-longest surviving e-mail address. That goes away at the end of the month. On one hand, I will miss it. It’s been the default address for a lot of on-line accounts and now I’ll have to change them as they come up.

Two of my best freelance clients first contacted me at that address. On the other hand, that address has picked up a lot of spam over the years, and it’s a true trial to weed through it all. Maybe it’s time to let that one die. Not that I’ve much choice.

Sff.net is closing its doors for good at the end of the month. I’ve had about three months of warning, but little in the way of time or funds to figure out how to transfer the site to another host computer. There was a strong temptation to let the site slip away. I’m glad other people had other ideas. Steve Ratzlaff of sff.net kept pushing to have the site preserved and moved. I explained the lack of time and money to deal with it. I was then contacted by Anne Yates who offered to move the site over and work out an affordable payment plan (which, in all honesty, wasn’t all that much but still something I have to budget for).

Many thanks to them!

So end of an era. We’re off sff.net as the host. We are on a new host,and the site has been preserved.

So what?

Well, it’s where I end up putting a lot of my writing that doesn’t fit elsewhere. Fiction, poetry, political stuff, humor stuff, etc. And it’s another waypoint to my publishing and art sites, and I’ll add the DearJackrabbit links and all that.

I remain… plugged in. The site still gets a decent number of visitors for various pieces I’ve written. Maybe I’ll get more.

So… stay tuned!



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