So Pretty Maggie is looking up on the internet how bacon might affect cats. One of our cats, Nemo, loses his furry little mind whenever I cook bacon and she wanted to make sure that giving him such delectible tidbits wasn’t too unhealthy. So there she is typing in “cat” and “bacon” without specifying if the bacon is to be applied internally or externally.

Yeah, I know. Right? So…

She finds this link, then comes to me. “Who’s that science fiction writer you’re always pushing on people?”

“Which one. There are a couple.”


“John Scalzi?”

“That’s him. Here, come look at this,” and she hands me her laptop. The screen shows the picture you see here and a blog post from September 13, 2006

It’s a piece about taping bacon to his cat. That’s an idea I can get behind. If I had any bacon in the house, I’d be looking for the tape right now. I make bacon and eggs for dinner at least once every couple of weeks…so here kitty, kitty, kitty.

But what caught my eye more in the piece was that this was something on Scalzi’s to-do list. “#9. Tape bacon to the cat.”

Yesterday I wrote about how I’m an obsessive list-maker, but it’s usually a very particular list of things that need to be done, and there is little room for silly. That’s what my calendar is for. I like to take a new calendar and fill in random boxes through the year with suggested goals like “World Domination” and “build model of Devil’s Tower out of mashed potatos” and “tape fried eggs to cats.”

To each his own. But good on Scalzi. Over two years after the fact, he gave me a grin. And it’s today’s link. (click Home to get back to current days.)


This morning, as I’m working, I have on the 1959 version of Journey to the Center of the Earth. A classic bit of movie starring my man James Mason and Pat Boone–yeah, that Pat Boone. And Gertrude the duck as herself. It’s a fun little movie. Silly in spots. Good adventure in others, Some sensawunda here and there.

It’s a recommendation for cable or rent. Sure, its special effects can’t compare to today’s, but it’s not all about special effects. Remember?