I don’t know if it started with a 2001 episode of The Oblongs by Jace Ruchdale, of its origins are older, but I really wish I had invented this idea..maybe mini-meme..

Jared (to Milo): Listen twerp! We don’t want no Valley kids hanging around our women. If we catch you around here again, we’re going to beat your face in. Comprende?

Milo: Everything but comprende.

Jared (confused): But if you.. no.. wait.. argh..

tosses Milo into a trashcan

That’s more or less how it played out. I could dig up my DVD, put it in, and transcribe the scene perfectly, but I don’t get paid enough for that sort of accuracy. You get the idea.

Apparently I’m not the only fan of answering a “comprende” question with “everything but comprende,” but I do wonder who started it and if they ever got the delicious cake they so richly deserved.

Good writing deserves delicious cake. Bad writing?

Poisoned cake.



Busy busy day. Issue #181 of The SFWA Bulletin is just about done. I just need to get the cover straightened out. We have an artist, I’m waiting for her to receive the contract, then we’re good to go. Today we finish up the changes to The Trustus Plays and turn that in. I have a few edits to the February issue of Medicine & Health/Rhode Island. Then tonight, before I get sucked into the return of Lost, I’ll be working on the Hardcastle & McCormick ch-ch-ch-changes.

So why am I hanging ’round here? Why to drop my link o’ the day, of course!

Diamond Distributing which is responsible for getting the vast majority of comics and graphic novels onto shelves and racks around the world, has changed some of their policies in handling small publishers. Dan Vado of Slave Labor Graphics responds with An Informal Letter on Diamond’s Edicts at The Comics Reporter. Dan is very reasonable in acknowledging that Diamond is trying to survive during a very shaky economy, and Diamond has done more good than bad over the years. He also offers an alternative for indie comics publishers. It’s a pretty darn good one too.