Is there a better movie than Harvey starring Jimmy Stewart? Okay, I say this about a lot of movies, but I think that’s more a testimony to fine filmmaking than it is to my inability to decide what is the best movie ever. I think if you love a genre, you can’t have a favorite. And if you have absolutely locked in favorites, then I question those choices. It shows a lack of exposure to good film and perhaps a lack of dimension.

As for Harvey–it’s wonderfully acted and the direction quite good. Take a good look at the shot compositions and tell me you don’t see room for Harvey. As for Jimmy Stewart, he can say more in a quite phrase and thoughtful look than a lot of other actors can throughout a full reel. Really, if you’ve never seen this movie, why the hell not? Check it out at your local rental store, library, or Netflix. It even shows up on TV every now and then.

You won’t regret it.


I’ve posted a review of Douglas Coupland’s JPod at Forces of Geek and will post of a review of The Gum Thief by next Wednesday.


Work-wise, I’m still plugging along a number of projects. The Trustus Plays by Jon Tuttle (Intellect Books) is just about ready for the printer. The editors need to send me three words that need changing in the text, and we’re done. I’m going through the extensive edits for The Accidental Mousketeer and Acting Foolish. I’m doing some photo shifting for the Hardcastle and McCormick book, and awaiting the last changes to the SFWA Bulletin.

Plus a few other things in various prep stages for others and for myself. Always keeping busy.


Today’s link takes you to a very interesting story, presented in a graphic novel as webcomic format, called Lovecraft is Missing. The artwork is excellent and the story is entertaining and well-wrought so far. It doesn’t hurt that part of it is set in dear old Providence and I recognize several of the settings from the Brown University area. If you’re a fan of Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, or the early pulp era, you will want to check this out.