Monday morning and somewhat recovered from my New York ComicCon trip. I’ll be writing up a full trip report for Forces of Geek (dot come) but figure I can give some of the highlights here.

My main mission in scoping out potential candidates for future Tumbletap publications was somewhat successful. I have a lot of info to process over the coming weeks–and that in itself is a good thing. I also talked with other small press publishers and folks and am getting a handle on things. I managed to meet some of the Greats in the field (well, I consider them Greats), like Joe Staton, Bob Burden, Neal Adams, Jim Steranko, Dick Ayers, Bill Sienkiewicz, Peter Laird, and the incomparable Phil Foglio. There were some others I’d have liked to have met, but it was a crowded event. I did get to meet some of the webcomic-world Greats like Mike Kahulik and Jerry Holkins (Gabe ‘n Tycho) of Penny Arcade, Scott Kurtz of PVP Online, and Ryan Sohmer and Lar DeSouza who give us Looking For Group and Least I Could Do. I only gently harrassed the above folks…I’m on a mission now to get Jerry Holkins to write a book or something.

There was a lot I wish I could have seen, but like I said…crowded event. And I wasn’t a fan of how they handled the panel programming, but you can’t have everything I suppose with an event of this size.

Somewhat of a photo gallery at my Facebook albums page


So back and getting back to work. A decent stack awaiting me, but nothing insurmountable. I want to finish the TumbleTap sampler this week, but more immediate projects include a medical journal, two autobiographies, an episode guide, (all of which are maybe a week or so away from being sent to the printer), a brochure, and some triaging work for the next projects.


Rumor has it… The practice of using “o’clocks” to indicate positions while flying originated with 19th century French clockmaker and avid baloonist Rene Prefour who designed a combination clock/compass/barometer for use in navigation.


Today’s link visits the Comics Revue website–home to a publication devoted to the old newspaper serial comics Prince Valiant, Flash Gordon, Modesty Blaise, and more. They have some great stuff here to preview, and the journal itself is a pretty cool publication if you’re a fan of old school adventure comics.