Did you remember that Jason never really shows up in the original Friday the 13th movie? His mother was the killer in the first flick. Jason doesn’t show up until the sequel. This was pointed out to me and I had to re-align my thinking a little. I saw the original back when it first appeared on screen, but as slasher flicks aren’t something I tend to re-watch, it settled like muddy silt in the back of the sewer portion of my mind and I never really thought of it again until I heard about the re-make. Then I said, I said, “Why would they remake that?”

Sure, it was one of the original slasher-flicks, but we know all about Jason.

Or do we? When I voiced this, and was reminded that Jason was never in the original, then a re-boot of the franchise made a little more sense as far as the “seeking something fresh” angle went.

I’ve no desire to see it. Not really my cup of tea these days, but I suppose I shouldn’t dismiss it so quickly. That’ll l’arn me.


Revelation – I’m not a huge fan of Kevin Kline on-screen–yeah, he made me wince even in A Fish Called Wanda, but he has an excellent speaking voice and should do more voice-roles like he did in Road to El Dorado or Hunchback of Notre Dame

Rumor has it… In every episode of The Twilight Zone Rod Serling’s introductions are lit and filmed in such a way that he never casts a shadow.


I almost decided to get up at 3am and then said to myself, “Am I nuts? Go back to bed!” Anmd I did and got up at the much more reasonable hour of 5am. I think that has made all the difference.

I got a decent amount of work done yesterday. I finished a bunch of brochures and flyers, then finally got a decent Hardcastle and McCormick cover done as well as the changes and new copy for the Lewis Stadlen book, Acting Foolish. Both of those books look like they’re nearly out the door, followed soon by Lonnie Burr’s book. After that there are some small promo pieces to be worked on, and the changes necessary for an updated, second-edition version of Sunlight and Shadows: The Albert Salmi Story by Sandra Grabman. I’ve been in contact with the author of the upcoming Louise Brooks book (tentatively titled Dear Stinkpot) for some preliminary work on the cover.

Did I mentioned that The Trustus Plays went off to the printer and now I’m awaiting my next project from Intellect, Ltd.

Good stuff.


Today’s link takes you to…you lucky, lucky folk you…to ! For those unfamiliar, Buck Godot is the creation of that mad genius Phil Foglio Buck’s exactly what he is, a huge guy with a zap gun who’s for hire. I guess what’s not plainly evident from the title alone is the sci-fi setting (although “zap gun” might be a giveaway). Join Buck on his adventures as he protects foolish gem thieves, protects the business interests of his buddy Al, fends off the evil X-Tel corporation, and just simply makes his way in an unfirendly, but colorful universe with muscle and wits.

Foglio’s distinctive art style is a do-not-miss treat. Seriously…check it out. (The sample here is from the first collected Buck Godot story. Buck is merely clearing a table at his favorite watering hole, Asteroid Al’s Bar & Grille.)