Watching Lost in doses meted out by the heartless ABC television network is like a heroin addict being supplied instead with Tylenol PM tablets, one every half-hour. Sure, maybe there’s a bit of a nod happening eventually, but it’s just not the same. (Disclaimer: I have never done heroin. I base this on nothing.)

I guess what I’m saying is that it’s not a very satisfying experience. And consider the flaw that it’s just about necessary for ABC to show the previous episode (with annotations) before it can show the new episode, just so the viewers are up to speed. Solutions? Show two hours every other week? Maybe. Screw broadcast television and just give us the season all at once on DVD? They do that, but only long after the broadcast series ends.

I guess this will always be a problem with series that have long story arcs. Big Love, I’m looking at you, too. Heroes? We’ll see. I haven’t started you yet, but I will soon and I suspect you’re going to break my heart as well.

At least House, MD uses self-contained episodes for the most part.

(Disclaimer #2: I don’t watch that much broadcast television, but there are a few shows I’ve been sucked into lately. Two, really. Everything else I watch with any regularity is catch-as-can and no biggee if I miss it.)


I won’t bore you with my usual list of Works In Progress. Suffice to say that a satisfying amount has been accomplished since yesterday, and more will be accomplished today. All in all, it’s been a pretty productive week thus far.

Paul Friedrich (of Onion Head Monster) sent me this photo from NYCC which shows me about to be mauled by Chewie.

Rumor has it… Jack Black has six toes…total. He was born with his first and second, and third and fourth toes fused together. His big toes are normal. Rather than seek corrective surgery, Black utilized his unusual toes to come up with his distinctive dance styles.


Today’s link takes you to the source of all show-buz news, Want news of the upcoming Jonah Hex movie? The preview for Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds? Industry news? Box office amounts? TV ratings? This is the place. It’s not the printed version, nor even the digital version, but that costs over three hundred dollars a year in subscription fees. This is free.