I mentioned yesterday that in a few weeks I’ll be starting, with a number of other folks, a new blog devoted to writing fantasy, science fiction, horror, and related topics. We’re still at the introducing-ourselves-to-each-other stage, but I’m already brainstorming possible topics.

A while back–more than a year–I decided to throw myself into the blogosphere and keep to a regular schedule. With the exception of the weeks following my father’s passing, I’ve been pretty good about keeping to that schedule. This journal gets updated Monday through Friday. Since January I’ve been doing one entry a week at Forces of Geek (mostly reviews), and have been lately doing a Sunday entry at Red Rocket Station (usually SF-related).


Well for one thing I enjoy it. What used to drive me nuts by banging around just inside my head I can now write down and share easily to a lot of folks. They aren’t all winners, but I have fun–particularly when I have a good rant, review, or group of fake letters to share. And it helps me get back into the discipline of writing every day. The original thought was I’d move more into fiction again once I got my discipline mojo back. I’d say it’s been successful.

I spend a lot of the day working on my freelance layout projects, but I also have time and opportunity to work on writing again as well. Short fiction, long fiction, poetry. It’s geting there.

And I think that will be one of my topics for this new site. Why blogging ain’t an empty time-sink.

Likewise I think I’ll talk about organization, the current state of publishing, non-traditional markets, and a little bit about the importance of knowing your genre.

I love being inside my head.


Ironically, weird dreams broke me from my slumber a little earlier than planned. I tried to lay there and fall back asleep, but no go. So up I got and after making a cup of coffee and getting a hunk of banana bread, we’re starting the day.

Wee hours of the morning are for following up on e-mails and small loose-end details from the previous day. That’s actually done right now. Today I’ll be going over some more photos, doing a little more work on the SFWA Bulletin as the last pieces dribble in, doing some layout for another book from Intellect, working on a rush poetry book job, and keeping a watchful eye for yon UPS delivery dude with printed copies of TumbleTap Presents: 2009 as well as a few review items I’m expecting from other folk.

This afternoon–some poems need brushing.

A good day in the making.


Today’s link goes to a very impressive blog site of Florentine graphic designer Francesco Mugnai. In particular, I point out an entry I stumbled across via facebook called The 20 most creative resumes i’ve seen in a long time. Pure inspiration

Truly some Good Stuff here… good inspiration too. Some of these designs go truly outside the box. I high recommend browsing Mugnai’s blogs if design is your thing.