Sorry about missing Friday’s mailbag last week. I think that’s the first weekday entry I’ve missed in a while–probably since I was last on a vacation that had me gone on a weekday. Friday turned out to be a fairly busy and exhausting sort of day. In our quest for home ownership, Friday was devoted to the all-important Home Inspection. Essentially, we followed a guy around our hopeful future home and watched him frown and poke at the house like a doctor examining a 70 year-old heart patient with a 2-pack a day habit. Actually, it wasn’t that bad. A few very minor things–most of which I can take care of myself even with my total lack of experience in such things. Aside from a couple of small things we’re hoping the seller can take care of before closing, the place is pretty much ready to move in. There’s some paperwork stuff that needs seeing to, but so far…so good. Ducks are in order. Time to knock ’em down.

Here are some pictures from Friday: the back and the sides, the front sun room/porch and the kitchen.


Want to know something weird? We went to the bookstore Saturday night and I spent the entire time browsing the Home Repair books section. I now have a couple of books on basic home repair. Yesterday, we had the DIY channel on and paid attention.

What’s happening to me?


Getting straight on the link of the day, we visit the latest installment of Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s Freelancer’s Survival Guide: When To Quit Your Day Job. It’s an interesting piece especially given how a lot of us found ourselves thrust into full-time freelance due to the lousy job market. We didn’t so much give up the day job as the day job gave up on us.

Couldn’t be happier.

If you’re still punching someone else’s timeclock, give this week’s Guide entry a look.