So about a dozen of us are hanging out together at Oakland Beach in Warwick last night when it started to rain and we retreated to the gazebo. Sitting around in a circle, I noticed that, because we’re a nerdy sort of crowd, most of us had our smart phones out doing one thing or another while shooting the breeze–passing around viral videos of dancing hamsters, space cats, and the like. I figured if we put all the smartphones in the center with a fire app running, we could have a pretty decent digital bonfire.

Sure enough, there are numerous fire apps for the various smart devices out there. Within minutes, I loaded a free Zippo-based one.

It’s amusing how much I use my smartphone. Sure, phonecalls… but those are a pain in the ass. Of the 59 apps currently loaded on my iPhone… here’s a quick list of the ten I use most:

  • Facebook: gotta keep in touch, eh?
  • Huffington Post: Gotta have my finger on the pulse of the world and keep tabs on them evil neocons and crazy tea partiers
  • Stanza: I usually have at least one or two books being currently read. Right now it’s Umberto Eco and PG Wodehouse.
  • WJAR NBC 10: Local TV news
  • Light reading for light moments
  • xFeed: RSS feeds from mostly news sources like AP and Reuters. Sometimes slashdot and boingboing
  • Maps: easier than plugging in the GPS device sometimes
  • I (heart) comics: Comics reader. Right now I’ve got Bones loaded
  • IMDB: Who was that guy in that movie about the thing? Now I know
  • Wikipedia: Who was that guy?

I can also manage my various WordPress pages from my phone, and keep tabs on Craigslist and Linked In. We’ve come a long way from being impressed with calculator-watches.

* * *

Work continues, as it should. It’s been an odd week with some odd days–mostly due to some weird sleep patterns. I seem to be coming out of it, though, and it’s nice to be getting work done the way it should. By the end of the day, my To Do list has more crossed off on it than not.

I’ve also been considering art projects. I haven’t had much time for painting or playing with photos this past week. I have source photos piling up which need sorting and vetting. I need to go through my past photos and pick and choose which ones I’ll be making multiple prints of for a possible art show in December. I’ve also been looking into screenprinting a bit.

The dream?

What I really need to do is reclaim my basement office from all of the storage and turn it a.) first into a proper office so I can move out of the kitchen, and b.) expand to other parts of the basement (those -pre-arranged as being my domains as opposed to pre-agreed storage) and get a little studio put together. I need some space to work on things like making collages out of old model kits or printmaking. While our house is a bit on the small side, we don’t take full advantage of the space we have. I have most of the basement to do with what I will. Margaret has an upstairs room all to herself. Both have ended up becoming disorganized storage spaces and otherwise unused.

That ain’t right.

Well, at the very least I can start a purge in the basement and reclaim some space. Can’t just whine about it. Gotta do something about it.

Wish me luck.