Some observations about this blog:

  • “Clara Bow” and “nude” are two paired search flags that show up almost daily in my reference log. There are people out there who really like the idea of a nude Clara Bow (who wouldn’t?) and because I made up a story about how Bela Lugosi once owned a nude portrait of her, this blog often ends up in their search results. I suppose the search result connection shouldn’t surprise me. What surprises me is the number of times it comes up.
  • The most popular post–or at least the one that gets visited the most–is the one in which I discuss working from home. There’s one in particular that gets hit a lot–probably because I offer up some decent advice.
  • The second most popular post is the one in which I make up some trivia about the silent film era. This one seems to get hit every day. Other popular posts include my discussion of the Japanese movie Battle Royale, and nod to actor Edward Everett Horton and to author David Eddings.
  • Popular searches that lead people to this sight (in addition to the nekked Clara Bow reference) are “working from home” and Freemasonry. The former makes sense as I often talk about the freelance life and working from home. I don’t talk so much about Freemasonry, although it’s a recurring “false rumor” theme.
  • As far as the pages go, as opposed to posts, after the home page, the most often visited pages are (in decending order): BearManor Fiction, Merry Blacksmith Press, and Writing.

What can I take away from this knowledge?

For one, it’s nearly impossible to predict what people are going to find interesting. A topic that I think other folks would enjoy reading about often ends up with fewer hits that something I dashed off at the last minute because I couldn’t think of anything else.

For another, this whole process is good for me. Not looking up statistics about my own website–that smacks a little of immodesty. No, the process of writing something here every weekday. Forcing myself to think and be communicative so early in the morning.

That is good for me.

As for you, savage reader… what of you?

Thanks for coming by. It’s nice to know that I’m not a tree falling in the wilderness.

*    *    *

I’ve adopted a slightly different approach to work this past week. Instead of working on half a dozen projects a little bit at a time each day in the flawed theory that I’ll finish everything all at once–I am instead concentrating on one job at a time.

In the early morning I’ll catch up on some mail, look over my To Do list, and do some warm-up things like this journal or taking care of some jobs that only have small edits so I can get them out the door. Then the bulk of my day is spent on one specific project. I find this helps–particularly with the projects that have a tedium factor such as laying out hundreds of photos or wrangling 600 footnotes. I get on a roll and can maintain some momentum rather than hopping to a different project every hour.

I’m having a very productive week because of this approach. By tomorrow afternoon, I’ll have had three books ready for proof that were handled this way, and a number of projects ready for the production phase.

And then there’s the fez. Wearing the fez helps, too.