In honor of the Facebook meme group “”You are probably from Westerly, RI if you remember…” I’ve put together this little collection of trivia that some of my fellow home-towners may not be so aware of. These are all true. Honest. Would I lie?

Did you know…? North Quarry, a popular illicit swimming hole, is said to be one of the possible burial sites for Blackbeard’s treasure.

Did you know…? The town’s name is a corrupt Anglicization of the West Algonquin word “kwes-sah-lee” meaning “We should keep moving.”

Did you know…? Westerly is the only town in Rhode Island in which there has never been a UFO sighting. There have been, however, reports of poltergeists, vampires, werewolves, blood frogs, and Jim Nabors.

Did you know…? The big white house on the corner of Pierce St. was the inspiration for H.P. Lovecraft’s only unpublished short story, “The Spelunking Horror.” In the story, the Sahkov House is the meeting point for a series of underground tunnels spanning from the granite quarries to Watch Hill where dread Cthulhu sleeps beneath the carousel.

Did you know…? There is more Westerly red stone granite in Washington DC than any other place outside of Westerly combined.

Did you know…? After the success of the movie Mystic Pizza, Westerly was considered as the primary setting for a number of other Hollywood movies including Lethal Weapon, Return of the Living Dead, Night Shift, RoboCop, The Godfather, Part III, and The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension

Did you know…? Halfway through the 1976 Bicentennial parade in downtown Westerly, a tanker truck of marina sauce overturned and flooded Canal Street. This sparked a riot which resulted in half of downtown burning to the ground, over a hundred serious injuries, 215 arrests, and the resignation of the entire town council. There were, miraculously, no fatalities.

Gee whiz… who knew?

*   *   *

And it’s back to work. Got quite a week still ahead of me. Tic toc, tic toc.