I promise… this is going to be my last Simpsons post for the foreseeable future. As suddenly as it arrived, the FXX Simpsons marathon came to an end at midnight on Monday. I enjoy the show. I find it clever in many spots, and overall not a bad show. Am I a superfan? Or even a regular fan? Meh. I like my animated features a touch more edgy and/or weird, but the Simpsons comes pretty close. Close enough for me to take part in the national experience of having the Simpsons playing on the TV for nearly two weeks.

Now don’t think I spent the entire time on the couch in front of the tube. I worked as usual and did other things. But the Simpsons was usually on in the background. A subversive and surreal soundtrack for life. Oh, and we did switch the channel a few times. Auburn football is back, for one thing. Priorities, man.

I think what it came down to was that the whole marathon thing was an absurd event we got to share as a nation.

But now that it’s over, here are some random observations:

In nearly all of the “what does their future look like episodes”, Bart has been divorced at least once, and typically has two sons–one kinda nerdy looking, the other more Bart looking but with more self-control. What Bart needs in the future is to successfully woo and settle down with Mary Spuckler–one of Cletus and Brandine’s daughters. She’d be good for him. He’s probably be good for her as well. Maybe. There are hints in one episode that Bart might still have a chance.

Maggie Simpson is criminally underused as a character. She’s begging for some proper character development. The few peeks we get into the interior-Maggie are fascinating and we want more. I swear… she will save that family.

Hank_a13538_537843We want Scorpio! We want Scorpio! We want Scorpio! Seriously. Hank Scorio was the best one-off guest character ever. I had high hopes he’d feature big in The Simpsons Movie, but the closest we got was the same actor for the voice–Albert Brooks as Russ Cargill.

Speaking of the movie… whatever happened to Colin? Seemed like he just disappeared without a word.

With 552 episodes and counting, the Simpsons just might be the first television show that could get away with its very own channel. All Simpsons, all the time. Whoever gets to be programming manager for that channel would have it easy. It looks like FXX might be thinking the same thing as it looks like their future programming is looking very Simpsons-heavy.

300px-Moes_Tavern_2Noticed a major goof in the opening credits. I’m sure others have noticed it as well, but I don’t recall seeing it mentioned anywhere. During the opening credits, Bart skateboards through Springfield. Along the way he passes in front of Moe’s tavern, and then a store that sells TVS. In the show, however, the store next to Moe’s has always been (since season 1) King Toot’s Music Store. There are no TVs in their front window.

Opening sequence in first episode after movie.

Finally–I’m sure I’m in the minority, but I hate the Halloween specials. Pass.

And that’s it… for now. No more Simpsons talk from me.

Your long nightmare is over.