I’ve recently announced my intentions to present some reviews here and elsewhere on a regular basis. For those interested in the details, they are as such:

Reviews will focus mostly on independent, creator-owned comics and pretty much anything non-electronic game oriented. Yes, I will also share insight on the best comic-themed online games, but I will let the experts from the GambleSites explain to you better. Visit them and have a peek into the casino universe of comics.


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For the indie comics, it’s an underserved niche, and as a publisher myself without a huge PR budget, I can appreciate the need for reader-generated reviews. I’m also a real old school comic nerd who has always had a special love for the indies. That said, I’ll be happy to fairly and honestly review any indie comics sent my way. While I’m old enough to appreciate the tactile experience of reading a printed comic, I also understand the realities of the indie publisher budget (i.e., no budget) and will cheerfully accept PDF copies for review. If you want to send me a dead-tree edition, ask me for a mailing address. PDFs and other inquiries can be sent to me at [email protected]

As for games and gaming-related material, I’m likewise looking to focus on indie developers who just want to get the word out, and receive honest and fair reviews. This could be for anything from a gaming resource book or adventure module to a full on RPG setup or boardgame.  I don’t expect much of the latter due to the cost for indie developers, but as with the indie comics described above, I’ll cheerfully consider PDF materials where possible. Queries to [email protected] (I’m not currently considering computer/console/mobile app games…they get plenty of reviews already.)

Onward To Venus: Good game, troubling premise.

Onward To Venus: Good game, troubling premise.

The review roundup will be a weekly or bi-weekly affair depending on what I have on hand. If I don’t have anything new to review, I may just pull something off the shelf and review that instead. But you don’t want that. You want fresh and new.

Reviews will be posted here first—most likely on the weekend–and then promoted via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and any other social network I think appropriate. Later in the week, I’ll get them up on other sites where applicable such as Goodreads, Amazon, BoardGameGeek.com, and so forth. Feel free to suggest additional venues.

And that’s pretty much it. Announcement made, let’s see if we get our reviews on.

Until next time…